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And Her Name

Was Kassandra

Kassandra Scardino is the Vision Director of The Temple Surry Hills founded in May 2016. The Temple is a place that host conscious events with esoteric and metaphysical new age threads.

Born with empathic abilities Kassandra unlocked her potential after studying Pranic Healing and becoming a full time energetic healer in 2011.

Kassandra works as a psychic, healer, crystal teacher, spiritual coach and Temple facilitator, she now travels to Melbourne and Brisbane to host workshops and has recently been accredited internationally for her modality Point Of Light Crystal Therapy that is a combination of energetic reprogramming that rewrites cellular memories in the human matrix resolving an array of conflicts within peoples lives.

Kassandra is working to create a common mission of health, abundance, sustainability and wellbeing within the community and a beacon for those seeking assistance on their journey.




The powers that be

Working with Kassandra

People may not understand the depth of knowledge, practice and wisdom that goes into the energy healing sector. The repercussions of dabbling in such a field can be very serious and sometimes dangerous if you are working with other dimensional beings and clearing highly toxic energies.

Things like past lives, spirits, parallel universes, higher consciousness and energy are very real. Kassandra shows a responsibility to approaching these matters in her work and teachings. With life experience and years of working in this field as a professional it is Kassandra's desire to help those that are seeking assistance when dealing with metaphysical matters. 

Crystal grid using selenite and clear quartz.

Crystal grid using selenite and clear quartz.

Working with Crystals


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Working with Crystals workshop Saturday July 8th 2017, Qi Crystal's Melbourne. Photograph by Daniel O'Toole

Working with Crystals workshop Saturday July 8th 2017, Qi Crystal's Melbourne. Photograph by Daniel O'Toole

Bringing our hands into prayer position sends out our hearts intention to the universe. Photograph by Adam Singer

Bringing our hands into prayer position sends out our hearts intention to the universe. Photograph by Adam Singer

Spiritual Quote

health and wellbeing

The Future Workplace

Kassandra offers your work environment simple, insightful and inspiring knowledge on stress and anxiety management. 

Maximise recruitment and retention, minimise employee issues, understand internal and external factors of workplace environment with content based on metaphysical energy principles and crystals. With the merge of accepted alternative health and fitness practices HR has created an open door for Now Age Corporate Wellness. Ask Kassandra how she can help your work as a speaker and workshop facilitator for health and wellbeing with a twist.

Psychic Reading and Healings


Working on Relationship SERVICES

Un-cording: This is a process of removing any cords from another person that are causing any disharmony in your life. 

Closing Contract: When we finish a relationship or even see a pattern in a present one that is causing pain in your life we clear the pattern in your energy.

Violet Flame: Using this technique is powerful in transmuting and transforming relationships from a non judgemental space. It also allows you to contact loved ones that have passed in order to receive closure.

Working on career Services

If you can think of your wildest dream then you will also see how you fall short. It may be fear of public speaking or getting your head around making a career out of a hobby. 

I like to sit down and get all of your limitations out in the open and work through it with you to gain perspective and clear goals that I energetically mentor you through. 

working on health services

Clearing your aura and balancing your chakras has amazing results on the physical, emotional, mental and metaphysical state of your life. 

Our body is one big receptor that is reacting to every experience we have. When we clear and balance our energy our internal compass is reset and we are ready to receive from a higher perspective.

Clearing the spine is a new technique that removes any imprints that we have stored in our body growing up that may be limiting us. When we hold trauma from our childhood our flight and fight responses work from our subconscious. When we clear the spine we reset our lives and replace it with positive beliefs. 


Working on you services

Many people come to me ready to start their journey of self discovery. 

You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

When we get that 'aha' moment we have a light globe moment that shifts you into a new way of seeing things. self 'realisation' is so powerful because you realise it yourSELF. 

I like to hold space for you to get through these landmark moment and tailor practices that use universal principles to get you self empowered. At all times I am working with spirit who guide me. 


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The Temple Surry Hills

Right in the heart of the city, 5 minutes walk from Central Station is a place called The Temple. It was created for people like myself, who are open minded, to find safety in talking and sharing experiences around spirituality. It started in June 2016 by Kassandra Scardino to spread light and wisdom to others. Myself and others run workshops and hold meditation events. Our vision is to create temple hubs in every major suburb to assist those in Australia.

7 Clisdell Street Surry Hills, Sydney NSW

Workshops, corporate events and guest speaking events Kassandra Scardino has been to.

Workshops, corporate events and guest speaking events Kassandra Scardino has been to.

He who works with his hands is a labourer.
He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.
He who works with his hands, his head and his heart is an ARTIST.
— St. Francis of Assisi