Photo by Carly Sare

Kassandra Scardino

earth goddess mother

It was when I discovered the teachings of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui's Pranic Healing in 2009, a non-touch energy healing modality, that I began my journey to self healing and self discovery. I started with the Twin Hearts meditation group before choosing to study. 

After completing all of the classes I spent two years of service to Pranic Healing by doing sessions by donation in order to comprehend and expand my awareness of the craft. 

In 2016 Kassandra Scardino turned 33 years old which was to be a significant point in Kassandra's career. The green flag was given to move forward with no holding back! "Shine the light to this world as a mentor into the new age we are all shifting to" was the instructions. 

Kassandra dedicated her life to developing her skills as a healer and teacher since 2012. Since then Kassandra has been teaching workshops, healing and facilitating meditation while building a LIGHT community of like minded people at a space called The Temple Surry Hills. 


The Shift

In 2013 at age 29, I let go of everything! I had lost my fashion label and left my secure corporate job. I asked the Universe, 'What is my purpose?' and never looked back. 


About Kassandra

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia. I was a curious child that believed that there was more to life than what meets the eye. 

My mother was part of a spiritual church when I was in my early teens and was aware of the spiritual world that was to come. Born as an empath I have the ability to understand what people go through and sense the way to help them through tough times. 

My childhood was filled with many hard times as I was bullied through primary and high school, had long term depression that was medicated in year 12 after a suicide attempt, I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome and anorexia along with many other social disorders which I am lucky enough to have cured and cleared through my inner work. The school of hard knocks has allowed me to relate to many that are suffering and give them hope that they can help themselves too. 






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Finding Crystals

Although I work as a healer and psychic I find crystals have been the continuing theme of my life's legacy to this world. When people get that AHA moment, it brings me joy and purpose in my life. 

The greatest gift you can give to someone is the ability to empower their choices. Crystals are one way that I communicate this skill as they represent aspects of what we are searching for within ourselves that we can harness with guidance. The transformations they create are profound, and when you learn how to communicate with them they are your absolute allies and tool for ascension in this life.