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Pranic Healing

Pranic healing is a non touch energy healing modality that was created by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. This technique works on clearing the diseased energy that is stored in the body, chakras and shields. When we clear the energy from the body it affects changes on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes. 

Our energy body holds the blue print of our physical life.

In Kassandra's opinion Pranic healing is a very powerful healing modality. It uses universal life force that is brought through the healer to create change three times faster due to its powerful affects it has on the client. The change can be miraculous but there are a few factors that can cause change to be shorter such as:

  • The diet of the client,
  • If the client does meditation or mindfulness,
  • The willingness to change,
  • The background of the clients case.

We might be carrying energy in our body that is holding us back in our work, health, relationships and moving forward. Some reasons you may wish to go down the avenue of Pranic healing includes:

  • Clearing environmental home or work stress causing mental and physical health issues,
  • Healing around relationships through un~cording which supports you if your emotionally overwhelmed and helps you to make balanced and rational decisions,
  • Psycho~surgery which works on clearing addictions like sugar, cigarettes or emotional and mental criticism,
  • Healing physical ailments such as irritable bowl syndrome to past accidents that need rehabilitation,
  • Releasing old energy that does not serve you any more, which basically means clearing any organs, chakras and spine from any old patterns that may be stored in the body to create way for the new self~improved chosen path, 
  • Clearing childhood trauma, phobias, self~criticism and foundational blocks.

Sessions take usually 1 to 1.5 hours for the first time depending on the depth of the desired result.

Cost is $150 per hour or three sessions for $333.


Theta Healing

Theta Healing was created by Vianna Stibal and has extremely strong permanent effects on a persons mental state, which is often good for those who spend to much time thinking.

~What we perceive we believe.~

Our subconscious mind makes up for a large majority of choices in our life. The only thing is these flight or fight responses are usually stored from old life experiences that we can usually rationalise but when it comes to reality it can create a repetition of past events that we would rather leave behind.

Theta healing is similar to hypnosis in that it works with re~programming the mind. In this healing you get to the core of issues so that they can be cleared of the old pathway and replaced  with the positive belief system.  

These sessions are really good for:

  • Creating support in your life,
  • Releasing any issues such as being taken advantage of or troubles with boundaries,
  • It can get you clear of any childhood trauma like bullying, 
  • You may just like to use it to release a phobia,
  • It can also help relationships and social skills.

Sessions take usually 1 to 1.5 hours for the first time depending on the depth of the desired result.

Cost is $120 per hour or three sessions for $300.

Crystal Dreaming

Crystal Dreaming was created by Raym and is a form of past life regression that uses crystals in a grid formation above the head to open the senses of the client. You are able to perceive any previous lives that may be causing any disharmony in your life. 

More and more people have been dealing with diseases or symptoms of pain that doctors can not find the cause of. This can be because it is linked to a past life that is still energetically locked within your body. When you clear the past life experience you get rid of the cause which can lead to healing. 

People also may find answers to their life path or understand on a deeper level certain aspects of themselves that they desire confirmation around. Each experience is completely different to the client and results can be miraculous. 

Sessions take usually 1 to 1.5 hours for the first time depending on the depth of the desired result.

Cost is $150 per one hour and thirty minutes.


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