Kassandra started her journey as a psychic in 2014 working at Living Energies Bondi Junction.

The way that Kassandra approaches her psychic ability is by tapping into the clients Higher Self. This enables Kassandra to work directly with your soul to ask what it is that your physical incarnation is dealing with.

In the reading there will be an unveiling of any patterns, karmic contracts or life lessons that are playing out. Kassandra can also perceive and sense what any second parties are working through.

This leaves the client with energetic options. This is like a sliding door effect. Every action has a reaction and there are choices that lead to your highest possible outcome according to your souls journey.

At all times you have freewill and the information provided is only a suggestion and is not to replace the advice of any medical or legal advice. Kassandra takes no responsibility of your choices and is only a vessel for guidance. You must remember you are in charge of your destiny.  

The following are a list of services provided to clients in sessions.



identifying karmic patterns and loops


Clearing contracts from all lifetimes


removing entities or spirits


closure with loved ones who have passed over


guidance on how to release trauma from life experience


connecting and working with your guides



protection from outside influences or bullys 



lifestyle change and mentoring guidance