All I See Is Magic

I mean seriously, look at that crystal!!! It looks like it will have some fairy jump out and give you three wishes haha.

Ok so perhaps my imagination is running away with me BUT crystals really are magical.

The way that I can best explain the power of these amazing tools is that they send out vibrations that work on healing and transforming physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ailments. If we look as dis-ease in the body as a frequency then what crystals do is cancel that ripple out of your body by sending the counteracting vibration into your body.

There is only one catch! You need to have the crystal on your body and it needs to be clean. If the crystal isn't clean it may not work. 

Find out more about crystals with Working With Crystals Workshop. Contact me to find out the next dates in your state. 

Crystal in image is watermelon tourmaline: Opens and encourages you to experience the joy of life and amplifies forgiveness and compassion on a global scale. This stone is amazing if your going through massive changes and needing that extra spoon full of humility. <3K