Athina Bailey @ Authentic Energies, The Temple teacher: "Working with Kass has been life changing. She is inspiring, motivating and transformative, working with her has allowed me to reach a spiritual potential I didn't think I could reach so quickly. She has helped me with major blocks I couldn't get past and helped me see the truth in situations I couldn't. I can't recommend enough her work and her wisdom."


Psychic Readings

Golshan @ Psychic Reading client: "Hi Kassandra, I found your page on fb. I had a healing session with you last week. I just wanted to say what you did really worked, things started changing,and I feel safer now. You are really good at what you do. Thank you."


Energy Evolution Consciousness Revolution (Psychic Development Class)

Sonia @ Energy Evolution Consciousness Revolution student: "Last night I was able to heal and un-cord myself. With practice of meditation and my crystals I was able to understand myself to the absolute best of my ability. So much gratitude for you."

Rebecca @ Energy Evolution Consciousness Revolution student: "OMG this stuff works. I've done the mantra religiously day and night. I think things are going to happen, then they do! I met a lady in Bali who did a reading for me, she told me I would do something with crystals. She texted me yesterday, I told her about you. She's going to look you up. Your awesome!"


Working With Crystals Workshop

Hannah, Disability Support Worker: The class is very informative, covering topics that I have never thought about but I am loving. Kassandra is great! Very informative, warm, approachable, funny with a great energy and knowledge. Speaks from the heart with is clear to see.

Bianca, Energy and Sound Healing Practitioner: The class was above and beyond my expectations! Kass' wisdom and knowledge of crystals has been a joy to learn. I highly recommend this course. Kass is a natural born teacher and has a powerful ability to unlock hearts, open minds and propel her students forward into love and light.

Chelsea, Naturopathy student: The crystal and energy workshops are one of a kind. Always fascinating and always fun! Kass is an amazing teacher who knows hoe to share her passion and knowledge to inspire us every class. 

Cathie, Retired teacher: The class is amazing. Kassandra is excellent and knows her stuff.

Fion, SAP Consultant: I enjoyed this class so much and have learnt so much about crystals and how to use them. I would love to do the advanced class. Kass is a 15 out of 10, fun, funny and knowledgable. I always have so much fun in her workshops, to a point where it doesn't even feel like a class.

Daniel, Account Executive: The class is comforting and eye opening. Kass' teaching is a 12 out of 10 :)

Martin, 3D Animator: Amazing, I learnt so many things about crystals and I finally can apply the techniques towards my stagnant crystals and re-give them life and purpose. Kass is amazing, patient and a great teacher.