date Thursday 16th May

time 7pm - 8.30pm

Cost free

Location webinar

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You just don't know what you just don't know.

There is so much information out there, how can you know what to pay attention to. 

EMPOWERED YOU is a great start. Join Kassandra Scardino as she unveils what more is out there for us to know during these big changes like 5G, Global Warming and Artificial Intelligence. 


Kassandra will be unveiling some cosmic truth around topics that are in our awareness and some that might surprise you. This webinar is great for people moving through stages of consciousness or practitioners up for new insight.

Kassandra has been working as a psychic reader, healer and energy worker for many years after studying and practicing a broad spectrum of modalities including Pranic Healing, Theta Healing, Crystal Dreaming and Bio-Geometry along with insight from amazing teachers like Dr Robert Gilbert and Jeffrey Yien. 


Topics that will be covered on the night include:

-What happened during the Mayan Calendar ending and our karmic cycle collapse?

-How is our planet changing with the New Earth Paradigm Shift and the crystalline structure ahead or rainbow body.

-How Spirituality is different to Religion. 

-What are the concerns with the energy output in 5G and what can we do to be prepared including using technology for our benefit.

-What was the role of the human race as the custodians of the land that we have lost and how is Golden Mother Earth responding to this massive change.

-What are the waves of volunteers and how have they been held back in collective consciousness and hive mind subliminal programming that we need to be clear of.

-How has the sex chakra been hijacked so that we are not using this potent energy for manifesting.  

-What does it mean to be a pioneer that is helping to lead the way for others in your empowerment.


In this webinar your will be able to sit in the comfort of your own home while Kassandra shares with you a journey into the unknown that will leave you with more insight on how to navigate these new waters ahead. 

This is a FREE EVENT but it will need you to register in order to be able to watch live or have the recording link sent to you for viewing up to 5 days later.

Blessings Kassandra