This 10 week program will teach you everything you need to know about working with your personal power and how to use it for levelling up in your life or others.

In this course you will learn how to unlock the abilities that everyone has been born with but very few have access to.

You will be activated so that you develop skills that allow you to understand and feel safe to work with the metaphysical world around us. 

Be prepared to learn highly psychic skills that you can turn on and off at command, you will be taught how to deal with any circumstance in your life as you build your awareness and learn how to navigate through new waters.

Point Of Light is a powerful, easy and effective way to claim your power, get the breakthrough that you are looking for and move through any obstacles on your path or others.

In the course you will learn:

  • How does energy work through all dimensions or existence

  • Clearing timelines

  • Closing limiting thoughts, beliefs

  • Finishing patterns, self sabotaging habits

  • Close contracts with toxic people in you life

  • Past life clearing

  • Working with higher dimensional healing chambers

  • Working with your guides, spiritual community and ancestors

  • Understanding powerful healing techniques in simple terms

Activations you will receive

  1. Connecting into your higher self Activation

  2. Clearing with the Creator of All that is Activation

  3. Shielding and protection Activation

  4. Blessing objects, food and water Activation



Get ready to make the next move to build and grow into your highest potential.

Do you want to know the power that you have to achieve instant healing, clearing and manifestation in your life?

My spiritual initiation started when I was in my early teens, my mother brought me to a spiritual church where I learnt of my psychic abilities and met my first guide Mary Mother of God. I had always been a ‘sensitive’ person, which I later found out was empathic. This is actually a blessing in disguise because now I know how to use it as a tool.

As I learnt more about energy I realised there was so much that I didn’t know so my quest to uncover the unknown began. For me having the ability to navigate through my challenges meant I really needed to get a clear understanding of what exists beyond the naked eye. Things like natural lore and the universal principles that govern our existence showed themselves to me in teachers that I stumbled upon much like you have with me.

I am extremely grateful that I have learnt from some of the best when it comes to energy healing, shamanism, past life regression, sub-conscious reprogramming, crystals, earth clearing and much more. The best thing is now that I have taken the time to develop my skills the connection I have with the elestial immortals and the creator means that the teaching I bring through now have been simplified but are more potent then ever due to my ability to traverse this wisdom and impart it to other for their evolution. 

Its no longer good enough to know that this cosmic consciousness is out there.

Its time to embody these skills to achieve our greatness.

Time and time again I see so many people that are connected but are missing pieces of reality that would benefit them and their life if they understood that wisdom of the cosmos available to them.

The truth is that the keepers of this information where killed off or went into hiding due to the institutions that don’t want us to know how powerful we truly are.

When we activate our Divine Power we become vessels of Creator Conscious energy and have the ability to create what I believe are miracles, but really they are pure links of creation that was lost.

This will open your eyes up to a new way of living that you never though was possible. The best thing is you will be supported and the teachings are very accessible. All you need is an open mind and a willing heart.

How has this alignment benefited me?

Business: I have moved mountains after clearing the blocks. My business and presence has grown from strength to strength each year due to the level of advancement and my ability to stretch my energy to grow into avenues that you would only dream of. The best thing is it’s all in alignment.  

Relationships: It takes two to tango and our relationships are mirrors of our internal state. Sometimes even our past lives can be playing out and we have no awareness of this. After I showed up and started being accountable for how I perceived my friends, family and partner things changes immensely.

The one common denominator in all our life is us, when we change the world will change with it.

Healing: The modern day healing model has so many gaps. When we look at the old ways of healings they incorporated the energy body just as much as the physical. Now my body heals so much faster and also I can look at the clues that my intuition is telling me and not think they are silly. Getting to the root cause of things can be the most amazing liberating journey. You will finally get to let go of all the things that left you feeling scared from childhood, cultural beliefs, collective paradigm to projections.

Vibrational Energy: When I was meditating on Earth Healing medicine the elestial immortal beings (unconditional loving guides) that are with me showed what the Point Of Light Therapy actually does to the energy body. Your cells become so connected to the Creator and Golden Mother Earth that you become a beacon of light and healing. This is one of the reasons that rainbows follow me everywhere. Its now become a trademark to the course because students doing the course will see rainbows too. This is because you embody the 7 Godly rays which is a sign of your soul evolving. This is all covered in the course.

Purpose: We are all given a gift in this incarnation and realising this role as a teacher for others was my greatest blessing. I still remember receiving the vision and questioning it because it seemed so absurd and sure enough ever time I asked for a sign it was there. When the student is ready the teacher will show themselves. I have taken a whole hearted stand to be there for those that are seeking guidance. This course is everything I do for myself and my clients and it holds me in my path and gets me through the darkness.

It’s an honour to have this role and I take it very seriously. Even though this practice has been created and seems very simple in its methodology it is actually very powerful and is something that must be respected. One of my greatest learning’s was humility for what has been gifted. Your abilities and Divine Power will mean that you will be able to do things that you never though you could ever do. Even so it means you become a guardian of this sacred practice and will be a pillar that is healing the earth.       

Nothing is a coincidence We are destined to greatness and this is how you will get there

As we awaken and see the move towards consciousness as a planet we are all being guided on how to take that leap.

These gifts are available to you for your individual journey.



JACLYN - Life Coach + Nutritionist

“It was over 5 years ago since I first met Kassandra.  I never really had an interest in energy healings or had experienced one before, and I initially only went to see Kass to stop a friend at the time pestering me to go and check her out.  My first session with Kass I knew she was a beautiful soul that was passionate about the work she did, but honestly couldn’t help but giggle internally when she called on working with ‘guides, spirits, angels’ etc. as she was talking about a whole world I knew nothing about and didn’t really believe in.


Despite all this I was still open to my session to give it a go and spoke openly to her with some issues that I had going on at that time, and after that session and subsequent sessions things in my life just started to shift and I couldn’t explain it.  She opened me up to a world that we just don’t get taught about in schools/growing up - many of us who haven’t been exposed or know about it may mock or laugh about it and I guess it is that fear of the unknown and that world just seems ‘weird’.


Kass has always been so eager to share energy healing and it’s benefits with others, and she is constantly studying and working with experts in this field to further deepen her knowledge.  When Kass told me about her Point Of Light Therapy training course it was something that intrigued me and for her first two courses the timing wasn’t right for me, but with her support and guidance with things that I had going on just before she offered her third class, I knew I had got myself to a place where I was emotionally and physically strong, but energetically there was room for me to grow and do further work on myself (like it was the missing pillar to my triangle).


Over the duration of the course, not only was the content informative, well planned and taught in a way so that all of us with different backgrounds could understand the concepts shared and the modality, Kass was so nurturing to all of us throughout this period and accessible for any questions that came up outside of the course and she still is to this day.  She is extremely genuine about this work and very thorough to ensure that the practice is used in the correct ways.


The course not only helped to strengthen and balance me as a person, it has also provided me as an extra offering to my clients when facing blockages and reoccurring patterns in their lives.  Since completing the course I have had amazing results with those that I have worked with so far and I will continue share this practice with others along with using for myself in my daily life.”


Think about all the things you could change like:

  • Self -healing*

  • Clearing any unresolved issues with people in your life especially old wounds from partners or parents

  • Having a close and deep connection to your higher self and your spiritual guides for assistance

  • Clearing any fears of growth in your life including career

  • Knowing that you are supported by a universal network that is at your call for any circumstance

  • Never feeling alone and creating abundance from knowing yourself authentically

    You are fully supported.

    *This is not to be used as a substitute for medical advice or medication. If you are in need of medical care seek a health care practitioner. Kassandra Scardino does not take any responsibility to your health and medical condition. This is an alternative to other therapies and can assist in the aid of personal pursuits.


What Is Point Of Light Crystal Therapy?

Point Of Light Crystal Therapy is a modality created by Kassandra Scardino as an energetic conflict resolution solution. You can clear almost anything that is blocking you in your life. With the class you will be able to identify where the root of the cause is and then clear it for good.

This course also provides you with an in depth unveiling of the planes of existence that govern our existence. This practice is based on Shamanism and working through all dimensions as a seer which will activate your sensory perception or psychic intuitive abilities.

Even though the name has crystals in it there is only really one crystal that you wil be focusing on as a tool and it is optional. It is covered out of respect for the teachings that it has unveiled for me in this course and for its power as a tool to assist you in your ascension. It also makes it easier for those that need an extra energetic boost to get to their gifts.

This will leave you equipped for any circumstance that presents itself in your life and having the knowledge to understand what is out there leave you more capable of being in control rather than in ignorance.

What to expect? 

You can expect to have some massive upgrades on your consciousness and energetic body. This course will prepare you to exercise your psychic sensory organs of perception. There will be weeks when you feel stretched due to the level that you will be working at so there will be calculated breaks to help you process and practice. Expect to change your reality and heal yourself or others. You will be able to be the artist of your own destiny. 

Why learn this modality?

There is so much information out there on the market and I think for some people it can be overwhelming. In this course you are given a holistic view of healing and a very powerful foundation for any other practice your might like to pursue. The course is crated over a 10 week foundation because of the need to be supported during the growth and changes you will receive. You are also given plenty of time to practice on yourself and ask questions is you have any doubts.

Is this course right for me?

You have made it this far and there is something there that is wanting to show itself. I believe our higher self brings us to the people that will give us access to what it is we need. This course is for those that are ready to be the change they want to see.

Who can heal, feel energy and create miracles?

Everyone has the ability to tap into this divine birth-right. Some people will pick this up quickly but when I started my levels where very basic. The key is your willingness to practice the homework so that you get the spiritual muscle that is needed to trust yourself in the intuitive process.

How is this different to what else is out there?

This course gives you so many need to know information that just isn’t talked about in the public arena. Things like past life regression, Akashic records, DNA Activation, creating timelines and working on multiple dimensions are all totally real and possible with this course. The classes are created so that they layer over the previous class and your get a deeper development of each aspect in attainable chunks and activation codes. This course was developed while I was working as a psychic reader for 4 years. The people would come for card reading but would leave with clearing that changed the course of their life in an empowering way that they could see for themselves. All of which is working with being of unconditional love only.

What happens if I can’t make it to all the classes?

We live in some busy times and so I understand that you might have commitments that come up so to make sure that you don’t miss the content I will be recording the classes for you to watch live from home if your sick or at a later date if your busy with commitments. The one thing I do suggest is that you go through the class and catch up. Due to the class being layered it means you will benefit from knowing the previous puzzle piece to move forward. So in that sense you need to make a commitment to yourself that you will do the work. Its only 10 classes in the scheme of things and the results are priceless. You will also be given lifetime access to the videos to watch when you need a refresh.

What happens after the course?

There is a messenger group that you can be added to and a fb group to keep updated on practice sessions. There are also chances to come to gatherings and retreats with other students. You are joining a tribe that speaks your language so you can get deep into your healing or make friendships for life.

Practitioner Level

This course has been accredited by the International Institute for Complimentary Therapies. If you follow the homework and complete the case studies then you can qualify to become a practitioner of the course.*

*Subject to teachers approval.