Walking the path of a light-worker? …and are you looking for easy tools to upgrade your ability to clear patterns, behaviours and conflict for yourself and others?


>> Point Of Light Therapy

Join Kassandra Scardino to learn this powerful and accessible therapy which has been brought through to aid with the New Earth Paradigm Shift.

This 10 week intensive involves; 10 Sunday evenings classes, across 4 months, starting 14th October.

The course is a teacher - student transferal that will not only advance your own healing, but your ability to help others as well.

Please note: This course does require self healing work as well as leaning practices for client sessions.

Point Of Light Therapy has been developed to help people understand complex metaphysical principles. Kassandra has the ability to communicate these concepts with ease, which is giving people access to necessary information.

This advanced information assists us to find lasting change from old paradigm webs. Shifting these paradigms allows for healing from family conflict, childhood traumas, bad habits, addictive behaviours, dysfunctional relationships, disconnection, physical ailments and so so much more.


>> In this course, you will learn to:

- Become a spiritual conflict resolution counsellor.

- Trust in your inner guidance with your body’s sensory perceptions; learn how to become aware of your body as a barometer. You will learn a breakdown of what the chakras mean and what they do, what major organs represent and how to perceive this information for reading clients and for yourself.

- Dissolve any fears or lack projections from 3D consciousness; learn how to collapse and remove contracts via techniques that connect to high energy sources that assist in clearing programs that have held you in dense energy.

- Allow for optimal health during ascension and clearing processes. You will learn tools for self-care and preservation, as they are key to helping yourself and others successfully move forward.

- Use powerful activation techniques for yourself and for crystals; this keeps your energy energised, clear and supercharged. These techniques can be used for yourself and others.

- Connect safely into etheric forces that are here to aid us in our evolution; having discernment is our gauge to what we allow into our reality and what we allow our body to have access to. You will be taught safe techniques that protect you from any misguiding vibrations.

- Navigate dimensions, timelines and Akashic records, (whatever has and ever will be is stored in a library that is called the Akashic records.)

- Release contracts from your Akashic records. You will be taught how to work with the ‘Governing Board’ that oversees these records and information, in order to be released from any situations or relationships that have repeating patterns.

- Remove DNA limiting structures; much like our DNA holds the blueprint of our physical body, our DNA also does the same for our energetic life, thus influencing our experiences. You will learn how to understand these structures and how to begin living a life of your own creation rather than a preset life that is limiting you.

- Remove implants; there is more to life than what meets the eye and these forces are working in and around us regardless of our awareness of them. Learn how to perceive these energetic hooks, cords, implants and attachments so that you can clear them so that they no longer hold you and others back.

- Free yourself from limiting thoughts and beliefs; this will be covered by learning how to observe what is our problem and how it can be linked back to either childhood traumas or past life traumas.

- Clear and re-write matrix blueprints.

- Work with processes such as; past life regressions, curse clearing and soul retrieval.

- Empower yourself with energetic principles. This might sound complex but in essence it is simple, you either have the energy there that is creating the problem or not. You will be able to see if it exists through sensory perception activation and clear it with easy steps. Likewise you will be able to detect when you are working with healing and protecting energy, or not.

- Protect yourself and others from undesirable energies and entities from etheric realms.

- Manifest your reality and upgrade your energy body to allow for potent manifestations. Furthermore, you will learn powerful intention setting and timeline creation techniques.

- Work with crystals as tools to assist in upgrades and integrations; crystals have been my allies and healing tools. You will learn key aspects of how to use crystals to create change.

- Understand you rights of sovereignty; we are all born free. It is only when we give our power away that we get stuck. It can be by accident and/or by unconscious will. You will learn what it means to stand for you freedom and claim back your power to shift your reality.

- Energetic downloads; You will learn how to create downloads and programs for healing and assistance.

- Find and step into your divine and innate power!


>> Crystal therapy and crystal kits:

During the course you will be learning about key crystals that can be used to help yourself and others that work as an added healing tool for facilitating change.

You will receive $100 worth of credit towards choosing these crystals that will be available at The Temple.

If you wish to use crystals as a practitioner you will be guided as to how to purchase them wholesale for your practice or can have them sent via online.

This is not a necessity but rather an ally to your craft. The crystals help to support the patient much like taking a medical prescription to facilitate the change in the body.

You will learn how to give your client mantra if they do not wish to use the crystals that can help the client with recovery.

During the course when you will be asked to do client studies and clinic practice you will be provided with crystals to use that you will not need to pay for.


>> What does this course provide?

You have options to either do the 10 week class and receive a ‘Certificate of Attendance’ that enables you to heal yourself and others.


If you complete the 10 week course plus submit 10 case studies in the format provided, you can be accredited as a ‘Point Of Light Practitioner.’

Distant Healings; You will be able to do distant healing on people. You must remember that in order for this to happen you must have permission otherwise you are going against someone’s freewill.

This course is accredited through the International Institute of Complementary Therapists, (IICT). IICT is an industry governing body that provides you with a industry recognised qualification. You must be a member of IICT to be accredited via this corporate body. Membership is approx. $150. IICT and also assist you with Third Party and Public Liability Insurance.

To further reiterate, this course involves:

- Classroom studies: 10 Sunday Evening Classes

- Homework

- 4 Practice Sessions: these prac. sessions will be scheduled within the course timeframe.

- Demonstrations of client and clinical practices

- 10 submitted client case studies


>> Class Information:

Doors open at 5pm for start at 5:15pm SHARP.

Light vegan refreshments of falafels, dip, nuts and fruit provided on the night.

Parking on Clisdell Street is accessed via Elizabeth Street. (GPS corner of Butt St and Clisdell St.)

5 min walk from Central station with many local eateries in the area.

BRING your own water, pen and paper.

NOTE this class includes notes and refreshments, some tools and crystals will be available to purchase but not essential to complete course.


Even though it is advised to attend all classes in person, if you are going to miss a specific day of the 10 week course, there will be distant access to the course via online video streaming.

For all practice sessions, please email or inform Kassandra in person of the days you may miss and we will find a way that you can make up these sessions to complete the required practice.

Dates of classes:

  1. 14th October 2018

  2. 21st October 2018

  3. 28th October 2018

  4. 4th November 2018

  5. 11th November 2018

  6. 18th November 2018 FULL DAY (practice)

  7. 25th November 2018

  8. 2nd December 2018

  9. 9th December 2018FULL DAY (practice)

  10. 13th January 2019 FULL DAY (practice)

  11. 20th January 2019 Revision + Practice

  12. 27th January 2019 Revision + Practice


>> Investment:

Deposit to secure your spot is $111

Early bird price: $1111 (Before October 1st, 2018)

Full price: $1500

Refer a friend: - $100

Payment plans; due to the price, payment plans can be arranged depending on circumstances, please email Kassandra3363@gmail.com if this required.

*An invoice can be provided for any alternative healers for their tax returns.


>> Secure your spot:

Go to the Eventbrite ticketing link and pay the deposit of $111.00

>> Payment plans:

The payment plan allows you to pay $50 per week for 28 weeks. The link to the payment plan will be provided once you have secured your spot with a deposit via Eventbrite. You will be emailed with further instructions and a link to set up the payment plan.

>> Our gift:

Additionally, you will receive $100 worth of crystals. This will be given to you in the form of a voucher, that can be spent st The Temple. This gift is to assist you to invest in tools that you can use in the class and as a practitioner.

>> Refer a friend:

Refer a friend and receive $100 off each. (Only valid for 1 referral each)

>> The referral process:

- Firstly both you and your friend must secure your spots on the course. Follow the ticketing link below:

- Then, if you have a friend that you are referring please email: Kassandra3363@gmail.com with your friend's name to receive the referral discount.

- If you have paid the full amount via Eventbrite. You are still eligible to receive the $100 worth of crystals and can still refer a friend.

7 Week Chakra balancing and clearing

7 Week Ceremonial Chakra Balancing And Clearing Workshop

Join this well earthed heaven and earth alignment of chakra and planetary union for men and women.

For 7 weeks every Monday night starting the 17th September, there will be a gathering of heaven and earth energies to complete a full immersion upgrade of the chakras, your energy system, the art of ceremony and intention.

The event is for all levels and has been created as a stand-alone practice for those that are seeking to delve deeper into their own personal practice and the detail that goes into sacred spaces. Included is the Earth energies that will consist of shamanistic ancestral threads working with offering from nature and smudging techniques in combination with heaven energies in the use of crystal gridding, higher dimensional clearing and meditation. We will also cover how to combine the two with chosen specific energetic anchors.


What will be covered during the practice?

  • The art of intention setting using ceremonial threads. In this we will explore the use of offering as a way to seek clarity in the form of totems, crystals, flora and fauna objects and creating a sacred space for offerings.

  • Upgrades with the chakras and their capabilities to be in tune, aligned and in full capacity. We will define the chakras and the areas they affect in our life and do a fire burning of any past being carried.

  • The energy system and the body as a carrier of this ability will be explored with a meditation technique using the Symbol Of Life by the Greek initiate Daskalos. The Tree of Life pattern is an important energetic structure in the human energy field which is consciously crystallized and stabilized in higher level spiritual initiation practices.

  • The art of ceremony, in this you will be given the tools and the wisdom to hold space for others. Not only will you be held in a cremonial space but you will also be shown how to do so for the others that join the event in order for you to embody the knowledge shared.

  • Each week there will be different planetary symbols and characteristics that will be used along with crystals and other totems that will be brough but you will also provide to use in your practice back home to hold energies that will be used on the night.

Who would beneifit from this class?

  1. Anyone that would like to learn the use of holding a sacred space for ceremony in their practice.

  2. Working on a deeper level with crystals and your chakras

  3. Connecting deeper within themselves and clearing old patterns.

  4. How to work with the art of symbology and psychology in our clearing and healings.

  5. Sharing with a tribe of like minded light warriors energetic upgrades for your journery.

What will you receive for the 7 weeks?

  1. A mesa (definition: a Peruvian Shamanistic medicine bundle) which will include 7 crystals, a silk mesa cloth, a clear quartz pendulum and lemurian seed coded with special instructions for you to use. (You will build on this bundle during the 7 weeks bringing personal offerings and totems that will absorb the vibrations brough forward for you to keep for this lifetime of healing yourself and others)

  2. Notes on the chakra being covered each week and the way the ceremony was conducted for your own studies in personal ceremonial conduct.

  3. A online group message share to ask questions and be supported through any process that arises on the journey.

  4. Recording of the meditation for you to use at home in your own practice.


To join the whole 7 week program you will be covering the following:

Week 1: 17th September / Base Chakra /Symbol Flame, Fire, Phoenix, Butterfly

Week 2: 24th September / Sacral Chakra /Symbol Snake, Jackal (Full Moon)

Week 3: 1st October / Solar Plexus Chkra /Symbol Wisdom, Scroll (Book), Golden Key

Week 4: 8th October / Heart Chakra /Symbol Lotus, Lily (New Moon)

Week 5: 15th October / Throat Chakra/ Symbol Magic Wand, Wind Rose, Wind Vane

Week 6: 22nd October / Third Eye Chakra /Symbol Pipe, Trumpet (Full Moon)

Week 7: 29th October / Crown Chakra / Horses, Herd, Chariot


There will be light refreshments provided.

You will be given a guided instruction video and manual of what to bring and what the elements of the ceremony will include for you to get the most of each clearing and activation before class.

Payment Plan is available and will be setup for those that wish to opt for this option.

New Earth Paradign Shift.jpg

Are you a light worker?

Is your calling to help people?

Are you looking to understand what your purpose is here on earth as a conscious being?


The Way Of The Light Worker

Introduction To The New Earth Paradigm Shift

Join Kassandra Scardino in a deep conversation around why we are living in one of the most significant experiences of our existence. Never before has the whole universe been through what the earth is about to go through and you have been called apon this mission.

Sit back and join the ride as the this discussion clears the air around:

- The end of the Mayan Calendar and the start of the 5th Dimension

- What it means to be a Light Worker

- The Calling is Real but what does that mean?

- Our Multidimension Existence

- The New Earth Paradigm Shift

You will know within that there is more than what meets the eye to this earthly existence and if you want to hear the truth then this is your gateway.


Light Vegan refreshments of falafels, dip, nuts and fruit provided on the night.

Parking on Clisdel Street is accessed via Elizabeth Street. (GPS corner of Butt and Clisdell street.)

5 min walk from Central station with many local eateries in the area.

Tickets $11.11


The Power Of Crystal Introduction

The Power Of Crystal Introduction

The Power Of Crystals

introduction to crystals

Crystals are a very special medicine of their own. They captivate you with their beauty and hidden mystery calling

you to admire and hold them in your aid.


The Power Of Crystals has come as a calling to introduce those that are new, old and curious as to how these precious gems work. This is now just a beginners class but works well as an all-rounder into how to understand how the crystal kingdom has come as allies to our healing, wellbeing and protection.

On the night:

- A presentation on how crystals work on the planet 

- Learning the pendulum

- Exercise on building your sensory organs 

- Perceiving crystal healing

- Learning how to bring crystal energy into your body

- How energy is released from the body

- How to clean your crystals for best results

- How to set intentions for your crystals 

- Storing your crystals for optimal results 

So get your crystals out of the closet and start working more intimately for your desired results and see why All I See Is Magic when working with crystals!!


Light Vegan refreshments of falafels, dip, nuts and fruit provided on the night.

Parking on Clisdel Street is accessed via Elizabeth Street. (GPS corner of Butt and Clisdell street.)

5 min walk from Central station with many local eateries in the area.

BRING your own water, pen and paper.


Crystals will be available for sale should you wish to take home a new family member so it is recommended that you bring cash in case you fall in love with a new baby ;)

Point Of Light Therapy.jpg

Join Kassandra Scardino in this powerful and accessible therapy that has been brought through to aid in the New Earth Paradigm Shift. This 10 week intensive of teacher to student transferral will give you more than a head start to your own healing and helping others. This course will include self healing work as well as client practice.

Developed for understanding complex metaphysical principles, Kassandra's ability to communicate these concepts with ease has given people access to necessary information to find lasting change in old paradigm webs such as breaking family conflict, childhood trauma, bad habits, disfuntional relationships, disconnection to the world around us, finding our divine power and more.


  • Trusting in your guidance sensory organ perception

  • Dissolving any fear or lack projections from 3D consciousness

  • Allowing for optimal health during ascension and clearing process

  • Safe connecting into etheric forces that are here to aid

  • Release of contracts from Akashic records

  • Removing DNA limiting structures

  • Removing implants

  • Free from limiting thoughts and beliefs

  • Clear matrix blue print with aid in past life regression and curse clearing

  • Protection from ethereal realm, tricksters and soul retrieval

  • Sovereignty rights

  • Crystals to assist in class upgrades

  • Class Studies and homework

  • Client Practice

  • Certificate of Attendance

  • Energetic downloads for healing assistance

  • Spiritual Conflict Resolution Counsellor


-One time offer introduction half price $1,111.00-

Doors open at 6.00pm for start at 6.30pm SHARP

Light Vegan refreshments of falafels, dip, nuts and fruit provided on the night.

Parking on Clisdel Street is accessed via Elizabeth Street. (GPS corner of Butt and Clisdell street.)

5 min walk from Central station with many local eateries in the area.

BRING your own water, pen and paper.

NOTE this class includes notes and refreshments, some tools and crystals will be available to purchase but not essential to complete course.


Due to the price there can be arrangements made for payment plan depending on circumstances. (email Kassandra3363@gmail.com for enquiry)

Invoice will provided for alternative healers Tax return



Crystals For Feng Shui

Kassandra's latest workshop Crystals For Feng Shui is the working of crystals and shapes to create cures that can be used around the home for more health, wealth and balance in your life. 


The night will cover:

What are the definition of shapes,

What are the best crystals to use around the home for harmony in all areas,

What objects are placed where in the house for the best results according to Feng Shui,

What you can use in your office for less stress and work abundance,

How to clean and store your crystals properly.

DATE: Sunday 28th January. 

COST: $44 + booking

totem serving tea and organic snacks.



Working with Crystals 

What you will receive:

-Full color handout with folder

-Light refreshments


What you will learn:

-What do you use crystals for,

-Feeling the crystals energies with your hands,

-How to best clean and activate your crystals,

-Energy activation in your energy matrix to enhance your crystals connection,

-How to store crystals,

-The do’s and don’ts of crystals,

-How to choose the right crystals for what you need,

-14 crystals to use,

-Programming your crystals,

-Crystals for feng shui,

-Harnessing the crystals energy with meditation awareness,

-Shapes of crystals and their purpose,

-Using the pendulum for asking question and readings,

-Chakra healing and body balance.


Kassandra has been working and healing with crystals for over 3 years as a full time profession. Having used them to heal people through Pranic Healing, a non-touch energy modality, Kassandra went on to study through the Vesica Institiute and then Crystal Dreaming which enables her to use crystals for past life regression.


Further to this Kassandra uses Theta Healing a sub-conscious reprogramming technique to activate and also enhance the strength of the crystals and their users by changing the structure of your energy makeup.


The results have been astonishing and Kassandra is now creating her own crystal modality that she wishes to teach people to enable them to activate their psychic abilities and use crystals in their life.

Investment $222

Manifesting with Crystals

Manifesting with Crystals

Using a Pendulum For Chakra Balancing at Mineralism, Glebe, Sydney.

Using a Pendulum For Chakra Balancing at Mineralism, Glebe, Sydney.

Melbourne Workshop Dates

New Dates TBA

New Dates TBA

Sydney Workshop Dates

Working With Crystals Sydney Saturday October 14th

Working With Crystals Sydney Saturday October 14th


Manifesting Health, Wealth And Relationships With Crystals

date: wednesday 21st Febuary  

Are you interested in the power that crystals posses? 

Have you been in a transition period and are ready to create new health, wealth and relationships?

Join crystal queen Kassandra Scardino for an evening full of magic with CRYSTALS!

The class will teach,

-10 powerful crystals for manifestion

-How to use your crystals to create these changes

-Checking which crystal you need for your therapy

-Proper care of your crystals

- Stating your intention to create your desired manifestation clearly (extremely important in creation)

Light refreshments provided and plenty of laughs.

This is a night full of new beginnings and a chance to meet other crystal community members. With your new found wisdom you will know why 'All I See Is Magic' with crystals. <3 K


Bring: Water and pen.

Do: Eat some food before hand, there are plenty of places to get food on Devonshire st and Holt St that I highly recommend. 

Purchase: You may like to bring some cash as there will be some goodies for purchase at the event.

Transport: Central train station is 5 minutes away, there is also parking on Clisdell st during 5-6.30 when the local corporates head home.

Using A Pendulum For Chakra Balancing

Do you want to learn how to use your crystals for healing yourself or your family? Are you a practitioner that wants to use crystal chakra balancing?


This class is great for beginner crystal lovers that are ready to learn more about how these special gems from the earth work in providing vibrational frequency healing. In this 2.5hour class you will leave with a great tool in self healing and healing others.


In this class you will be learning:


-10 crystals that you can use for balancing your chakras.

There are many crystals to choose from but here you will learn about 10 of the most common but also versatile crystals that you can use and are easy to find. Also how to pick the correct crystal using your pendulum.


-How to tune your pendulum so that it can tell you if your chakra is balanced or not.

When your pendulum is in tune with your vibrational frequency then you will be sure that you are working with the best crystal for your chakras health.


-Using the clear quartz crystal.

The clear quartz crystal is used for duplicating other crystals. You will learn how to use this amazing feature for healing and more!


-Demonstration of balancing a client or doing your own chakras.

Here you will see Kassandra Scardino conducting a balance if using this technique on a client. In class you will learn how to balance your own chakras without lying down.


Date tba

Energy Evolution Consciousness Revolution Workshop

(Energy Psychic Development)

Here is the chance to gain all Kassandra's years practice and knowledge in the metaphysical field in one comprehensive class over two days. 

With so much information out now about chakras, energy and working with 'spirit' it can easily sometimes leave you questioning where to start.

This workshop gives you practical but powerful tools that you can use in your life. Kassandra likes to approach psychic development from a five step process.

-Awareness of energy.

-Clearing anything that isn't serving you.

-Protection from outside forces.

-Amplifying your intentions.

-Manifesting your reality.

You learn about chakras and how they work. A introduction to crystals. Powerful meditation to build your abilities and much, much more. 

It is my vision to empower people in living a life supported with energy so that they have more freedom and are creating the life they dream of.


How to Read Tarot at The Temple Surry Hills

How to Read Tarot at The Temple Surry Hills

Kassandra Scardino presents How To Read Tarot Cards.

If you have been curious about learning how these conscious cards work and wish to deliver accurate readings around your own life and others then this class will reveal all there is to know about this mystical craft.

Kassandra has been working as a psychic and tarot reader since 2014 at Living Energies, an established well recognised spiritual store.

In the reading there will be an unveiling of any patterns, karmic contracts or life lessons that are playing out. Kassandra can also perceive and sense what any second parties are working through.

This leaves the client with energetic options. This is like a sliding door effect. Every action has a reaction and there are choices that lead to your highest possible outcome according to your souls journey.

In this class you will learn:

-Rules and responsibilities of a reader

-Activation of you psychic ability

-How to work with universal law to receive 99% accurate information

-Working with your Higher Self

-Blessing your cards

-Celtic cross layout and past, present, future readings

-The meaning of cards and symbols

-Asking your body and using your perception through sense organs to read energy

-Protection when reading

-Clearing your energy after readings

-Empowernment connection mantra meditation

-Using the pendulum for confirmation

-In class practice

Investment $222

What you will receive:

-Full colour handout

-Tarot cards (Rider Waite)

-Light refreshments


Building An Alter or Sacred Space Workshop

After my travels to Bali I realised the importance of alters in everyday life.

The Balinese have two alters, one is above the ground, representing Heaven and connection to higher beings. The second was on the floor, representing Earth and all the earthly beings that roam our planet. 

The alter is a representation of connection and when we acknowledge the energies that are around us in Heaven and Earth then we connect to the powers that govern the world around us.

The alter or Sacred Space is a place for you to take a time out and give thanks to all you have. It also helps you to be clear on what it is that you wish to bring into your life and is a great tool for manifesting.

In this workshop I will be discussing all the elements of building an alter and how to connect into this sacred space.

Dates TBA

How To Change Your Life With Clear Quartz Workshop

In this workshop you will be taken on a journey of how to transform your life using the universal donor CLEAR QUARTZ.

This is Kassandra's latest work and opening to her life's work of working with crystals. 

You will be supported through areas such as:









and more.

Stay tuned for this exciting revelation and how you can transform your whole like.

*must have completed working with crystals to attend.

Dates tba


How Parents and Kids Can Make New Friends With Crystals

Are you or your children mad about crystals??

I know as a youngster I was absolutely blown away by the magic of crystals. They are just so amazing to look at and I simple wanted to collect them all.

In this workshop you will be guided on how to use these special friends. 

You will be able to work with them to assist you and your child's growth in;







and more.

Crystals have been my best friend. They love you unconditionally and will support you no matter what. When you learn how to use them you to will realise that 'all I see is magic'.

Dates tba